Entering Known Payee transactions in Investment accounts

I'm having a problem with Quicken 2020 when I try to enter a transaction into an Investment account using a previous Payee. In this case, I'm entering credit card payments where the split and amount varies every month, but its a general problem I'm seeing. I go to Enter Transactions, then select Withdraw and start entering the Payee name. Quicken finds the existing Payee which I select and then it auto fills the Amount and Category (which is split). I can't change the amount directly and when I click on the Split button to update the split information it provides the previous list and regardless of what I do once I exit that screen and click Enter everything resets and I get an error message saying "There is no need to use a minus sign in the amount. Quicken has adjusted it automatically." Nothing you try will keep this from coming up and the split lines and amounts from being reset automatically.

I have found a workaround, which is to clear all the split data, exit splits, change the amount to the correct total and choose only one category. I can then go back and re-enter all of the splits manually, but this is a tedious process for credit card statements and not ideal under any circumstances.


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    You should not be using split-categorized transactions to pay credit cards.
    Each of your credit cards should have its own account & register in Quicken. When you use the card to charge an item, you debit the credit card account and categorize the debit. When you pay the credit card bill, you simply transfer from your checking (or other chosen source, I guess in your case an investment) account into the credit card account.
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    I suggest you edit the split and select Adjust to reset the total.

    Your statement this is a tedious process for credit card statements indicates you may not be managing your credit card accounts appropriately.  A credit card payment is generally entered as a transfer from the payment account to the credit card account.