Citi webconnect is not working AGAIN!

So frustrating because it seems the only way to resolve is to reset the account which means hundreds of duplicate entries. I'm sick and tired of these errors. There should be charges posted to my quicken account for citi, but they are not appearing and there are no errors. just a stupid wrong note which says "1 account updated, 0 new transactions" Well that's a bunch of bull because I can see the posted charges on the citi website. So i have to download manually from citi and then import into quicken which will cause duplicates again [removed - rant/profanity]


  • Larry4
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    I agree with you George, and while this is posted under Quicken on the Web this is a huge issue on Quicken for Windows, this is a huge issue with not only Citi but with Chase.  It happens over and over and over with Citi and with Chase and I'm sure there are more.  If you happen to use the new payment system you get hit twice, Quicken doesn't update the transactions and doesn't update the biller, it fails silently and the problems must be "fixed" separately. Sometimes one fails silently, sometimes the other, sometimes both.  I don't know what is worse, the silent failure of downloading transactions when I know there are transactions, the silent failure of downloading bill information when I know there is a bill, having to download and delete dozens or hundreds of duplicate transactions, or the late fees and hours spent resolving this over and over.  I've used Quicken since the mid-1980's and there have certainly been some rough times and bugs.  2020 is one of the worst years in my experience.  I can't even explain to my wife what to look for, what goes wrong or how fix it any more. 

    It's become apparent that Eric Dunn doesn't know or doesn't care.  
  • Well, at least "misery loves company" :) Thank you for writing. There is some solace in knowing I'm not the only one.
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    I am using quicken for mac. I am connected to pay ebills but Quicken is not downloading bill info and not updating. so I have to keep checking bank apps. A month or so ago there were Citi connection issues - arguing late fees was a beating. but they finally fixed it. Then we were alerted that we needed to edit our Chase connections to
    Quicken but it would be a 1 time thing. wonder what is the point of using this system. Easier to pay credit cards from their apps.
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