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Can't connect to Fidelity after password change

I have two accounts with Fidelity, myself and my wife, each with multiple accounts (individual, IRA, 403(b)). I recently had to change the password on my wife's accounts, and now Quicken won't connect during one-step-update.

The account that won't connect also has the 403(b), and quicken does connect with fidelity's NetBenifits, but won't connect to the main account that uses the same username and password.

I've successfully been connecting and downloading transactions for over a year until the password change. I've updated the password in Quicken's PW vault, as well as when prompted by quicken. I can successfully log into Fidelity via the website using the same credentials.

How can I get Quicken to once again connect with Fidelity?


  • Quercus47Quercus47 Member ✭✭
    I'll also add that it has been a few days now since the PW update, so there should have been ample time for any changes to propagate through Fidelity's and Quicken's servers.
  • Quercus47Quercus47 Member ✭✭
    After several days of not connecting, all of a sudden today, it connected just fine. Didn't do anything different or change anything. Quicken just decided that today's the day to work.

    Just another example of erratic and unstable Quicken behavior.
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