Double Sided Scanning for Attachments

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  • weikelmd
    weikelmd Member
    Some of the things I need to scan into a transaction are 2-sided. Is there a setting I can adjust to allow for double-sided scanning? My scanner has a setting I can activate for double sided scanning, but Quicken doesn't seem to recognize this.
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    I've suggested to the Moderators that they convert this thread to an IDEA, so that other users can vote upon it.
    I don't use the Scan function of Q (causes too much file bloat) but for those who do, I think that this is a very reasonable request.
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  • TJCornetto
    TJCornetto Member
    I have the same issue. I have the latest version of Home & Business and can only scan 1 page at a time. This is very frustrating.
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