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Capital One vs Capital One 360 - solved

I have two accounts at Capital One, a Visa Card and a 360 Savings account. They are both accessed online using the same userid/password. For years I have been downloading transactions into Quicken and have had no problems. Recently Capital One required an "Authorization" periodically and that too worked OK. Just more recently it would not re-authorize and could NOT connect to the 360 Savings account. The Card account was fine. No error message given for the 360 account. I tried "resetting" the online connection in Quicken many times. It wold list both Capital One accounts, but error on the savings account.

I decided to try creating a new savings account in Quicken and when I did, two options for Capital One "institutions" came up to connect to. One called Capital One, and one called Capital One 360. I selected the 360 institution this time, entered my standard user/passwd and it found the 360 Savings account and I could link it to the one I already had in Quicken.

So, it looks like Capital One split these as some point recently. You will need to use two different Financial Institution connections, with the same credentials, for the two types of accounts. All is good now. Of course when I called Capital One support, they knew nothing about this and/or Quicken.
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