Problem importing QIF file


I'm using Quicken 2015 Deluxe on Window 7 Professional box, and trying to reconstruct one of my accounts. I created a new Quicken file with one investment account and I added all securities from a QIF export of my original file then added the initial cash to the account and subsequently purchased the 'sweep' money market security.
I now have a QIF file that has several security purchases that I want to import. (This was created as a QIF export from my original Quicken file.) When I try to import the file, the investment account is not listed in the drop down account list box. So I am unable to import the QIF file. I don't understand why the account list drop down doesn't show my account. It's the only account in the file and the creation went smoothly along with the initial deposit and purchase of the money market security. The account is an investment account, not a brokerage account.
I tried adding !Account {name of account} to the QIF file, but that didn't resolve the issue.
Any thoughts as to why this is happening?


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