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Chris Bogdon
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I'm experiencing an issue with the integrity of my quicken data. Just this morning I found out that one account is $10,000 more than it should be. After looking at it closer a "transfer" transaction that occurred in September in my Checking Account is missing. The resulting transfer in the account that I transferred to, had the amount, but no transfer account.

I then ran a Verify file. It came back with like 10 transactions that were fixed. However, it is never intuitive about what transactions were fixed.

Then I find out that one account that receives a direct deposit from my paycheck, had 10 transactions that didn't list the direct deposit from the paycheck but some other Category. Even though the original paycheck looked fine and show the correct transfer.

I'm so [Removed]diligent with my Quicken Transaction register, that I don't know how this can happen. Even every week, I run a verify JUST as a precaution.

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this?

BTW, I'm using Quicken 2020 Windows running in a VMFusion on my Mac.


  • SME
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    I have a similar problem. Earlier this month I updated all accounts (One Step Update) and everything looked fine including checkbook reconciliations through the end of November and my re-naming of checks from the check numbers to the recipient. Yesterday I updated accounts again and found all checking and saving reconciliations after September 16 were no longer reconciled, and all renamed checks reverted to check numbers. Oddly, on the payee line, each check number showed up twice. In addition, inter-account transfers were broken for the time period after 9/16/2020: a transfer from an investment account no longer showed up in the investment account, but did show up in the checking account register; a transfer from checking to credit cards showed in the credit card data, but not in checking. I have to do a low of work to clean up data that was already reconciled.

    I tried restoring a saved copy of my files from a month ago. The restored copy has the proper reconciliations, checks are appropriately renamed and inter-account transfers show up properly. But when I updated again, the same results occurred as described above. The checking account is at Chase bank.

    Any ideas on what is amiss?
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    Hello @SME

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue. I believe your issue differs from that of Chris, I believe you are experiencing the known issue covered in the discussion available here.

    @Chris Bogdon

    The issue you have described sounds a bit more account-specific and I will need a bit more information to determine the cause.

    First, I notice you have another ongoing post, here. Is this issue you're experiencing from one of these accounts or is it separate?

    If separate, please provide the name of the bank as well as the connection method being used to download.

    Next, do you actively use the mobile or web application at all?

    Last, can you please confirm the location of the data file? Storing the data file in an improper location such as the cloud can cause issues that you have described?

    Please let me know!
    -Quicken Tyka

  • Chris Bogdon
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    This is a different issue than the other post. This issue ONLY seems to occur with my PayChecks. The Paycheck had one Transfer to a Capital One Checking account. For whatever reason, when I looked at the Capital One Checking Account, the Source of those transactions was a "Category" and not the "Checking" Transfer.

    So, I fixed the problem by Deleting the PayChecks and recreating them. What was very interesting is when I deleted the original Pay Checks, it also deleted the entry in the Capital One account with the wrong category. So internally Quicken still had a linkage there.

    As far as my Data, I'm running VMFusion on my Mac and then running Quicken for Windows in the VM. I do place the Data File on my Mac and map it to the Virtual Machine. I don't care what Quicken says, that works for all other applications so it should work for Quicken as well.

    What I am going to be doing differently is never keep Quicken Open overnight. Right now, I sometimes keep Quicken open for days. I'm going to try to see if this solves the issue.

    However, it is very scary when this happens.
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