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I have no idea if this is the right place to post this or not. If not I have no idea where one posts ideas for improvements to the Quicken Software.

I wanted to suggest how to improve the use of Groups in the Manage Bills area. In past versions (many years ago) Groups worked with your Memorized Bills & Income. Once you had memorized a Bill or Income you could create a Group and add the specific Bills or Income to a Group and schedule that group. The way it works now you have to go through your list of Memorized Payees rather than your Bills and Income - quite tedious especially if you have not cleaned up your Memorized Payees because it includes pretty much every payee you have used. It was much simpler the old way.

If this is not the place for this feedback can someone point me to where to make suggestions on improvements. I contacted Quicken Support and they pointed me here.
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    @Louise C.  I've asked the Mods to split your post off into it's own thread ... so that it can stand on it's own and be voted upon independently.
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