Chase rejects zip code 63179-0408, error OL-354-A

I pay bills online through my Chase checking account in Quicken. Today I needed to add a new credit card bill payment; its address has zip code 63179-0408 (St. Louis, MO). But when I perform Update Now, I get the error

Your financial institution rejected this transaction because the zip code in the payee address is not valid.[OL-354-A]

This is nonsensical, of course, but I am unable to get around it. I tried the simpler 63179, but I get the same error. I tried entering no zip code at all, but Quicken won't permit that.

63179 is not some brand-new zip code--it's well known on the internet. I cannot believe that Chase's zip code database is so goofed up. Rather, I suspect that Quicken is improperly passing the information to Chase.


  • BeSkeptical
    BeSkeptical Member ✭✭
    I found the problem: I changed the city name to Saint Louis (instead of St. Louis). As far as I can tell, this is NOT the name of the city, but apparently Chase thinks it is.