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(SOLVED) Sharing my Paypal download Issue Fix - Quicken needs to fix issue with 2 step Verification

Ok this has been going on for months where my quicken paypal would not download transaction.  I had tier one and tier two quicken support and they were not able to fix it.  BASICALLY TOLD ME ITS A PAYPAL ISSUE.

My wifes paypal downloads into quicken worked and tried to see what was different.  Only thing I could figure out was the TWO STEP VERIFICATION.   

Fix.  I had to (did not want to) turn off the two step verification on my account.  When back into quicken and reset the account with online services.  NOTE: I tried this many times with no success until I turned off the two step verification - which I would like but it's more important to get transactions downloaded.

So I hope this helps someone else and hope the developers at Quicken can fix this.


  • BRETTBBRETTB Member ✭✭✭
    Still another issue - 
    1st background - my wifes paypal is a non profit - business account and mine is a regular paypal account.

    My wifes quicken register account lines up with the downloads and reconcils to the online balance with mostly no issues.

    Mine - regular non business paypal account - downloads all the activity but the balance does not track well - or agree with the paypal cash balance.

    Seems like on my account it down loads all the activity but even the paypal transactions where I am actually paying with my credit card and these are the ones thoughing off my balances.  These get downloaded on my credit card and they should not be downloading on my quicken paypal account because they affect my paypal cash balance.

    Unless some one has a fix of this, I hope Quicken development can fix this.
  • BRETTBBRETTB Member ✭✭✭
    info - so on the nonbusiness paypal account (mine) I have a paypal account (includes all transactions including ones made by visa, etc) and a paypal cash plus account which transactions that only affect the paypal cash balance are here.  

    It appears that Quicken HBR is downloading all the transactions vs just the ones from the paypal cash on the non business paypal account. Thus my cash balance for paypal is thrown off.  This needs to be changed.

    The transactions that I use paypal to pay with my credit card will be picked up with my downloads of my transactions from the credit card.  On my cap one account it will say Paypal *Vendor   for the payee.

    So hopefully this will help Quicken fix this issue.
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