Display detailed information when right clicking a downloaded transaction

Brian Biggs
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In the Downloaded Transactions window, you can right click a transaction to bring up a context menu. However, if a transaction is already selected (via a left click), right-clicking another transaction does not bring up the context menu for the transaction you right-clicked on. It operates on the one that was already selected.

Since this is not obvious, it can be confusing which one has been selected, and I have chosen Delete Transaction and deleted the wrong transaction.

So two product enhancement ideas here:
  1. When you bring up the context menu, somehow indicate WHICH transaction the context menu will operate on.
  2. When you right-click a transaction, Quicken could first do the equivalent of a left-click to select that transaction.
Regardless of which enhancement would get implemented, I'd also like to see some sort of Undo available in the Downloaded Transactions window so you can undo accepted transactions or deletes.

Quicken Deluxe, Version R49.29, Build
Windows 10 Version 22H2 (OS Build 19045.2965)

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  • pls
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    Multiple suggestions here.

    By standard conventions in both Window and Mac, right click on an object should operate on the object clicked. Quicken behavior is error prone because it violates the usual conventions. Right click doesn't necessarily change the selection, but some apps do that. It isn't in the design guidelines, but many apps allow you to select multiple items, then right click on a selected item to operate on all selected items.