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How to sign in with VPN from outside of America?

I am blocked from sign in to Quicken when I am out of America. Is there any way, or with VPN, that I can sign in to Quicken from outside of America? I am a frequent flyer.


  • YingDave
    YingDave Member ✭✭✭✭
    I am permanently outside of America and have no problems with signing in, even with Australian email and credit card details. Are you sure it's quicken and not your proxy/ISP network settings?
  • Chris_QPW
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    edited December 2020
    From what I understand of the problem it isn't the location of the person (which in fact can't be determined because of using VPN) it is the use of VPN itself.

    With VPN your machine is going to be connecting to a VPN server, and then to whatever site you (or in the case Quicken) try to go to.  To the Quicken/Intuit/financial institution servers are concerned you are connecting from that VPN server.

    And there is where I think the problem comes in, not only "good guys" use VPN since it is a "IP hiding" service the "bad guys" use it extensively.   As such it isn't really a surprise that server admins that are concerned with security would block those VPN servers.

    There also seems to be a misconception of what VPN does for you.

    One purpose is to hide your IP from the sites you are connecting to.
    The other is for getting a secure connection (encrypted) instead of an insecure connection (at least for part of the path).

    If you connect with your web browser through say the hotel network and on to a non encrypted site (http:) it is possible to ease drop on that conversation.

    If on the other hand if you connect with your web browser through same network, but to an encrypted site (https:) it isn't possible to ease drop on that conversation.

    So why VPN for security if connecting to https: sites is already protected?
    The first purpose for VPN was for businesses to have remote users that need to connect to their computers as if they were directly on their network securely even though the machines might not be using a secure protocol (File Explorer for instance).  VPN provides the encrypted channel for the "conversation".  And since it is encrypted from the user's machine right to the businesses' servers it is considered secure.

    Contrast that with browsing the Internet on non secure sites using a VPN server.
    Here you get a secure connection from your machine to the VPN site, but by the nature that you are connecting to a http: site that part of the connection can't be secure.  But at least the "hotel network" can ease drop on you.

    Using VPN for "security" from your computer to an https site is "redundant".  Encrypting an encrypted conversation.

    Note that Quicken never opens a non encrypted connection.  It is using the same security/encryption for its connections as https:.

    So if possible, the solution probably would be to configure the things so that Quicken isn't going through the VPN connection.
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  • Roger Li
    Roger Li Member ✭✭
    > @YingDave said:
    > I am permanently outside of America and have no problems with signing in, even with Australian email and credit card details. Are you sure it's quicken and not your proxy/ISP network settings?

    May I know what version of Windows are you using?
  • YingDave
    YingDave Member ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Roger Li
    I'm running Windows 10 Pro 2004 (19041.685). Regards,
  • Roger Li
    Roger Li Member ✭✭
    I am asking this question because the technical support from Quicken told me that they block all the connects from outside north america, and I can not connect to Quicken in Asia. The technician, also told me that VPN is a way out. But I tried VPN with no lock. Is there anyone out there can help me with this?

    When I entered quicken ID and password, the screen jump to the software download page. no matter how many times I redownload and installed the software, it kept bring me to the download page after I login with correct ID and password. The technician told me that I can not go beyond this point when I am outside of North America trying to connect to Quicken. But I found this is not true. There are many people out there can connect to Quicken from outside of North America.
  • thecreator
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    Hi All,

    I would suggest that you completely fill out the information in your Quicken Account at https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7307115/add-your-quicken-information-to-your-posts-plus-how-you-are-connected-to-the-internet

    And point your Address to that of the Country you are residing in, using your Embassy Address in Washington, D.C.

    I would let your Embassy know this, in case Quicken sends you Surface Mail.
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