Feature Request: Add additional subcategories to stock sales to include taxes and fees

There is no way to add taxes and fees to the sale of a stock in an investment portfolio. This leads to an inability to create reports for income tax reporting.
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  • Since1996
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    edited December 2020
    For this I do Miscellaneous Expense entries. I would do one for foreign taxes withheld and another one for fees. Each are assigned to categories and tied to the security generating the expenses. Then I generated reports for tax reporting. Foreign Taxes Paid are deductible or creditable on your tax return.

    But... this is not precisely what you are asking for, concerning commissions, taxes, and fees upon SALE. I reuse the commissions field for those pesky SEC fees upon a sale. I don't see commissions any more.

    But... I rely on the tax forms provided by the brokerage or bank FIRST for investment tax reporting. Then I rely on Quicken, as it is, to fill in any gaps.
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