Finding Quicken backup files

I love Quicken ! One day launched the program and it said had to use my backup. Problem was not backed up for 4 months. Where can find latest file. It usually saved the file for me when exited program. Shame on backing after every session..


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    Hello @hperrine47,
    Thank you for posting about your concern. 
    From within Quicken, click on File in the upper left-hand corner. In the drop-down menu, the most recently opened file(s) will show at the bottom of the list.
    To find a backup copy of your Qdata file, click on File > Find Quicken Files. In the Find Quicken Data Files pop-up box, it will default to searching in your C Drive. It's possible you may have backup file saved in other drives as well.

    Can you expand on "One day launched the program and it said had to use my backup"? Any idea what might have prompted having to go to a backup? If we know more about your exact situation, we may be better able to help you resolve the underlying issue.
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    Check to make sure that your data file's name does not have a space before the period ".".
    Since you have not stated what your file's name is or where you normally keep it, suggest that you keep it in the default location of a folder named Quicken under Documents.  Also, name the file with a length of eight (8) characters or less such as qdata.qdf or currrent.qdf.
    Once it is in a good location, double click on the data file in Windows Explorer to start Quicken and open the data file.  This will reset the recent file list (File menu) and Quicken will know to open it the next time you click on the Quicken icon.
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