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Saved Chase Customer ID's Are Being Changed

I use Quicken Home Business & Rental to manage several Chase bank accounts. Most of the accounts are accessed by one Chase Customer ID, but a few are accessed through a second ID. I update these accounts via Express Web Connect which I run twice, one for each Chase login. When working correctly, one set of checking and savings accounts and credit cards is updated by the first EWC session, and the rest after the second session.

Several times over the past year, I have see the wrong Chase accounts included in one of the EWC updates. I checked the Account Details of the account in question and discovered that the saved Customer ID was changed to the other Chase ID. This means EWC no longer works for the account in question.

The only way to change the Customer ID is to deactivate transaction downloading, edit the customer ID, then re-activate transaction downloading. This is how I correct the problem - but how did it get changed in the first place? I did not do this, and nobody else has access to Quicken on my PC. So, what's going on?

How come this keeps happening? Is anyone besides me affected? Where is the fix?


  • MontanaKarlMontanaKarl Member, Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
    I've not seen this issue but our Chase accounts are all credit card accounts and you mention yours are bank accounts.   Our accounts are associated with three different Chase ID's.  One ID has my personal accounts; one ID has my wife's accounts; a third ID has one of her business accounts.  I never had to do more than a single One Step Update... which logged into Chase 3 different times for the three different ID's as part of the entire download process.

    The only thing I'm seeing when looking at my online setup right now is that I had switched my personal Chase accounts from Express Web Connect to Direct Connect - but you're saying you're using EWC for all of yours.  Unless you have an account that results in a fee, switching to the newer/improved Direct Connect might resolve your issue?

    Edit one of your Chase accounts and go to the Online Services tab.  Do you see a link such as in this screenshot?  In my case, I see now that Direct Connect is available for our business card, but Chase wants to charge 9.95/month for that.  No way.  It is free for personal accounts.


    Anyway... when I was using Express Web Connect for all Chase accounts in the past (three Chase IDs), I didn't experience the issue you're describing.  Have you tried (Online Services Tab) the Reset Account option for all Chase EWC accounts?  If that doesn't work, I have had success in the past actually using the Deactivate button there to deactivate all accounts associated with the problematic financial institutions and then reactivating.

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  • Thank you for taking time from your Christmas Eve to help me with my problem. We have two Chase login ID's, one for each of the two businesses my wife and I own. EWS requires separate logins for downloading data from each Chase ID. Since these are Chase business banking accounts, I think we would be charged a fee for each one via Direct Connect. No thank you. I tried the Reset button on Quicken's Account Details Online Services tab before, and tried again just now. As usual, it responds with this unhelpful message:

    (I'm new to this forum so my screenshot may not appear where I wanted it to.)

    The tried-and-true Deactivate/Enter the correct ID/Reactivate process does let EWS resume normal function, but only for a while. Then one account or another gets its Customer ID switched again and the process repeats itself.

    It's a frustrating "feature" that has been a problem for me for a long time. I only decided to report it last week when it recurred after several months of normal behavior. The only solution I found so far is to remove a seldom-used credit card from EWS and manually download data from Chase. Disappointing.
  • FrankxFrankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Mr Toole to You

    If you haven't done this already (or recently), you could troubleshoot your Q datafile.  Here's the LINK.

    Otherwise, do you use Quicken mobile and/or Quicken on the web - or have you enabled those?  If so, you may want to disable them for a time period and see if the problems reoccur.


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  • Thanks for the validation link, Frankx. It found a few incorrect entries but nothing serious. And I'm not using Quicken Mobile or Quicken on the web, so they don't seem to be the culprits either. Since the Customer ID switch affected an important business account, I went ahead and reset the ID. I may yet send a note to Quicken support about this, too.
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