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Import transactions from a backup into a new file?

Pardon my ignorance, I'm a noob here.

Recently my bank revamped their entire online system including web and mobile. Today when I tried to download transactions for the last two months, and quicken couldn't find the accounts. (Never had the problem before) I could see that the names in the bank had changed. e.g "Two Year Term Savings," became "24 Month Term Savings." At any rate in my ignorance, I allowed Quicken to make new accounts with the new names, and downloading the last the months transactions. I eventually figured out and solved the problem. However, in deleting the new accounts, I erroneously deleted the wrong checking account. I can remake the account, but only the last 3 months transactions are available for download. However, I have the previous 9 months in a back up. How can I select those in the back up and get them into the new account?


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