In a brokerage account I show a holding which has zero shares but it will not dissappear

I removed a quantity of zero and it had no effect. I removed a quantity of 1 which results in the holding showing a -1 quantity. How can I make this holding of zero disappear?


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    In Edit / Preferences / Reports only set number of decimal places for shares to "6".
    Does that now show this security with a very small number of shares, e.g., 0.000012 ?
    If so, change the last sell transaction you made to "sell all shares". Be careful not to change the transaction amount or your register will no longer reconcile correctly.
    There was a recent change which recalculates securities to 6 decimal places for fractional shares.
    The only other situation I can think of is a Portfolio view option, "Show closed lots" is enabled and that makes your 0 shares security show in the view.