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Quicken substitutes wrong Vanguard mutual fund when downloading transactions

I have an investment account with Vanguard. When I download transactions, Quicken uses my Vanguard 500 index in place of the correct Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund. I have to manually change each transaction. Thanks


  • jtemplin
    jtemplin Member ✭✭✭
    This happened to me once. You unmatch the security. Then, the next time you download a transaction for the security, you can match it to the correct one. Here's how you unmatch (hang on, the checkbox is down deep inside):
    • Tools > Security List
    • Click on the security that is being incorrectly matched (in your case, the Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund)
    • Click the button "Edit Details" in the Security Details on the left of the window
    • Uncheck the box "Matched with online security", then click OK
    This breaks the current mapping between the Money Market fund and the 500 Index fund. The next time you download a transaction for the Money Market fund, Quicken should prompt you to map it to an existing security (you likely already have the Money Market fund in your securities list), or create a new one.

    When my broker rebalances to a new fund, sometimes I don't realize it's a new fund, and Quicken almost always guesses wrong when suggesting a match to something I already have. If you mistakenly take that wrong guess, this is the way to undo it.
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