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Suggestion: Improve Budgeting System

Chip Osborn
Chip Osborn Member ✭✭
1. Why have two spreadsheets for budgets? One with Budget and Actual and another window with just Budgets. Allow budgets to be changed on the Actual vs Budget report. Don't open a second window.

2. If the above can not be accomplished, then when opening the budget spreadsheet please allow it to be moved around on top of the the Actual vs Budget spreadsheet so that one can see what budget numbers need to be changed.

3. Allow the dropdown menu on the Budget spreadsheet to be moved out of the way. I am referring to the dropdown menu that allows one to copy budget entries to be added forward or backward. The problem with the design is that a cursor can accidentally be placed in the wrong area that allows for unwanted changes in the budget. Allow the dropdown menu to be moved out of the way.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Chip Osborn You can do #2 currently. Open your budget. Select View > Open in New Window. This will result in your budget int he main window and a new separate window. You can then select Edit in one of the windows so you can see the two views in the two windows.
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
  • Jacob, your answer is open two windows, while the question asked, why can't I do it all in one window! Not at all helpful!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Barbara O'Keeffe  Actually, #1 of the original post asks to be able to edit budget values in the main budget versus actual screen, but #2 says "if this is not possible" there should be a way to view them both at once -- and I suggested a way to do exactly that. In any case, I'm not a Quicken developer and no one but they could answer your question why you can't do it in one window.

    I was only trying to show that at least there is a way to see the actual versus budget numbers and edit the budget numbers, by opening them in two windows. It's not optimal, but to me, it's better than not being able to see the actual numbers at all while editing the budget values, switching back and forth between the two screens. Unless/until the developers decide to revamp the entire budget window, we can only do the best we can with the tools we have. I'm sorry you find this "not at all helpful." 
    Quicken Mac Subscription • Quicken user since 1993
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