Quicken Changed the details of my transaction once entered into register

So this issue has happened before but I thought I was just crazy but I am sure now it isn't me. I have a scheduled bill reminder for my property tax payment every quarter. I just entered that bill reminder...I opened it, changed the amount to reflect this quarter's amount, changed the account it was coming out of, and updated the note to reference which qtr/yr it was for and the conf# of the payment. I do this ever time I enter this reminder into the register.

I did the above and hit the 'Enter Transaction' button. When I went to the account to look at it...it was completely different!! The amount was different, the note was different, and the category was different!!

It seems to me this must be a bug and as I noted above, I thought I was crazy but this has happened previously. I thought it was me but I know with 100% certainty it was not this time so I am fairly certain at least some of the other times this was not me also.

Is this a known bug? Is there a fix coming?

Thanks in advance


  • Quicken Julio
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    Hi @13Bravo,

    Thanks for tasking the time to post to our Community.

    I attempted to recreate the issue in my Quicken using the same details you enter for your Bill Reminder and I able to edit and enter the updated quarterly transaction successfully in a different account.

    I would like to gather some more information to better assist you:

    How long ago did you first enter this specific quarterly Bill Reminder?

    Does this issue only occur with this quarterly Reminder or have you experienced it with other types of Bill Reminders?

    Does this issue occur every time you attempt to enter the transaction?

    Responding with this additional information will give us better insight with the issue and the next steps to take. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • PJS Finance
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    I have had this issue with my Paycheck. It seems to back to a previous transactions details once you press Enter. However, I have not had the issue RECENTLY (maybe last summer and I assumed a patch fixed it).
  • 13Bravo
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    Hi JV, sorry for my delayed response...pretty hectic at work.

    Let me try and address each question:

    - So I don't remember exactly when I created the reminder but I believe it was sometime in that past year and a half. Is there a way I can confirm when it was created?

    - I have experienced it with other bill reminders...as a matter of fact it just happened a moment ago which is what jogged my memory to come back here and check my post. I have a bill reminder for the siriusxm subscription for my car...I went to enter it and, just as PJS Finance says, it reverted to previous transaction details. So the sirius monthly charge is a reminder but I also got a reward from one of my credit cards for paying my siruis bill with the card. That reward, debit to my credit card, is something I enter manually. I entered this bill reminder transaction and when I went to look at it in the registry, it wasn't there as entered, it changed the details to the previously entered reward transaction details.

    - No, it does not occur each time I enter this specific transaction...from my perspective it appears to be random regarding what transaction it occurs on.

    I hope this helps you to help me...obviously the software changing the details of the transaction I enter is a bad thing so thanks for your help to resolve.

    PJS Finance, thanks for confirming you've also had the issue...it happens sporadically...it happened again this morning, the last time before that was the one I posted about...the time before that was probably 2-3 months ago. I do not see a rhyme, reason, or pattern.

  • 13Bravo
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    This just happened again. I have a recurring bill reminder for my monthly gas & electric payment...I selected it, changed the amount to match this months payment and when it recorded it in the register, it changed the transaction completely. Instead of entering my utility payment it entered a transaction from years ago where I purchased LED bulbs from my utility company. Why does it keep doing this? and is there an open ticket with Quicken to address this issue?
  • jrich75
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    I have seen a similar behavior when editing the current instance of a reminder.  I swear that when I saved the change it was correct but when reviewing or returning to actually enter into the register it had reverted to an older reminder value.  I was in the same boat as @13Bravo, thinking I was losing my memory.  However, it happend to several edits last week so somthing is definitely going amiss when editing reminders. 
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