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Credit Card Balance seems backwards?

After recent trouble with balances having to do with the cloud sync, which is now fixed (fingers crossed) -- now my credit card balances show in a strange way. Every transaction shows as a negative number, REDUCING the Balance, and payments show as a positive amount INCREASING the balance -- the exact opposite of what used to happen. What on earth has happened??


  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    A CHARGE transaction in a  Credit Card account is SUPPOSED to make the balance more negative.  RED and further below $0. I.E., you're "In the RED", meaning that you owe the card company money.
    A PAYMENT is supposed to make the balance less negative (or even $0 or a positive number if you over pay.
    SO, what color is most of the Balance column in your account?  And, what color is the 1st (i.e., "Opening Balance") transaction in the account.
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  • Tom YoungTom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 3
    If you happened to get yourself in a "positive" position with the credit card company, e.g., your payments and your product returns amounted to more than the last statement "balance", then your credit card Account's "Balance" column in Quicken would be black, indicating the credit card company owed you.
    In this situation "charges" would reduce the black Balance figure in Quicken, (the credit card company "owes you" less), and "payments" would increase the black Balance figure in Quicken.
    Could this be what you're seeing?
  • MarkDoerrMarkDoerr Member
    I'm having the same issue with credit card transactions being reversed. Each new charge transaction is black, along with a negative (e.g. -$76.53) but my balance then lowers rather than increases. My transfers (i.e. payments) are in green but they then increase my balance. My balances are now all out of whack with the online balance info.

    This is a new problem which just raised it's ugly head within the last few weeks. Until that time it was working just fine.
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