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Quicken accounts not showing up in 'Link To' list to associate with online accounts

I am a very long-term user of Quicken. I deactivated all of my accounts at a single bank in order to do re-activations because my One Stop Update was showing errors. I have 13 accounts at this one bank. After deactivating all 13, none of them show up in the 'link to' list when I try to do the reactivations. Could this be the result of a recent Quicken software update? Are others having this issue? By the way, I did a validate and a super validate but still have the same issue. Is there a new way to 're-designate' accounts that should be available for linkage?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It seems this behavior is associated with the Express Web Connect (EWC) process for downloading.  Is that the method used with this bank?
    For whatever reason the Account to be re-linked in this fashion isn't shown in the drop down list of available Accounts, but simply (blindly) accepting "link to existing account" seems to get the association right.  BACK UP before trying this.
  • Greg-Kailua
    Greg-Kailua Member ✭✭
    If I had only one or two accounts at this bank, I might be more inclined to try. I might back up and try anyway, but I think doing this blindly is just not a reasonable solution. Also, if this is a new Quicken 'Feature', they did not account for something. Earlier, I had a credit card account whose number was compromised and the bank gave me a new number. I switched the Quicken download to work with the new account in order to add new transactions to the same old account history in Quicken. In this new process, Quicken identified the old account as a closed account and does not even give me the option to link to any account. If it found the new credit card account at the bank, it erroneously associated it with the old closed account in Quicken. Thus, I would be permanently stopped from updating any credit cart transactions to this account. This informal reassignment is a very common tactic that most Quicken users take advantage of when card numbers are compromised.

    Also, it would seem under this new process (if it is a 'feature') that I would have to go into the accounts one by one afterward, look at the downloads and confirm that the right account got associated.

    I assume that Quicken is monitoring this discussion board and will investigate after the holiday weekend is complete. Right Quicken???. By the way, I have been a Quicken user since before Windows 95 when Quicken was a DOS application. I download more than 30 accounts.
  • Greg-Kailua
    Greg-Kailua Member ✭✭
    I would also note to Quicken that if this is a new 'feature', it would seem to give you no ability to correct any faulty associations. For instance, if I have multiple accounts and if I accidentally switched two bank accounts with the wrong Quicken accounts, it would give me no option to correct the issue as both 'previously associated' accounts would not be available as association choices on the 'Link To' list.

    As a further note, I did update my new credit card number in the problem credit card account but Quicken seems to use some other form of association. The account number in the Quicken Account Details screen seems to be there only as FYI information in providing account info at my user screen, but it does not appear to be used in Quicken's underlying application for account association purposes.
  • Greg-Kailua
    Greg-Kailua Member ✭✭
    Update: With trepidation I allowed Quicken to do its own form of account association. In the first round, it only updated 9 of the 13 accounts and created a new account for the problem credit card. It did not download new transactions for most of the newly associated accounts, but it did download 152 transactions in the new account for the problem credit card. Almost all of those 152 transactions were duplicates of what I had previously downloaded in my other existing Quicken account for that credit card. I had to accept all of the transactions into the new file because I wanted to deactivate the online connection for the new (unintended) credit card account and you can't do that with downloaded transactions still not accepted. I then deactivated it and went to the previous existing credit card account to reactivate it for online connection. The new bank/Quicken association screen resulting from that action showed the remaining 4 accounts not taken care of in the first round as needing to be linked AND for the PROBLEM CREDIT CARD, it provided a full list of Quicken accounts in the 'Link To' list for association. This allowed me to link to the desired historical Quicken Account, but for the other accounts remaining to be connected, the 'Link To' lists showed only other Quicken accounts not used by the bank for downloads. I clicked the <Next> button and got the associations I wanted to get. I then deleted the new extra credit card account. In the end, the collection of actions allowed me to get where I wanted to go, but for an experienced Quicken user, this was new behavior not expected with a bit more AI than I was comfortable with. I am hoping that the link to the 'evolved' credit card account is now firm and will not be a problem the next time I want to reestablish my online associations.
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Just want to say this isn't a "new feature", it is some kind of bug.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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