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Hello...I am wondering if you would consider allowing the dialogue box for customizing reports to be scalable (in the windows version). This is one of the most used areas of the software for me, as I am always customizing reports. But the category selection window space is so small and I can't scale it up. I also use quicken for mac., and the category select window there is both big and scalable.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    At a minimum the Select Categories area of the Category customization tab could be made wider - there is extra white space at the right.

    This is particularly a problem if you have long category names and/or multiple levels of subcategories.
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  • Judyrb
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    Additionally, allow reports to subtotal by subcategory, not just category. For those of us with multiple levels of tags. QWin Premier Subscription
  • Judyrb
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    OOOPs, forget my last comment. If you say on the Advanced tab of an income/expense report under subcategories "show all" You do get them . Took me an hour of tearing my hair to find this. Apologies all around for my "user error".
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