When Quicken detects that a budget should be updated in the new year it should give all options

If you are in 2020 and use the button shown below to extend a 2020 budget into 2021, you get the choices shown.

On the other hand if you have a 2020 budget and open it up now that we are in 2021 you will get this prompt.

This dialog doesn't give the user a choice on how to extend the budget into the next year.

Quicken should give the same choices (all them) no matter what year/how the budget is extended into the next year.
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  • chris.olson
    chris.olson Member ✭✭
    I 100% agree with this!!...Quicken automatically chose something for me and now my entire budget is jacked! As I look it looks like it made my 2021 budget the same as my 2020 budget but if I go back to by 2020 it's all changed to be the same for every month that my December 2020 budget was...it looks like it totally flipped 2020 and 2021 from what I would expect it to do