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Every Time I run an Update - Quicken Creates a Cloud Account

In Preferences -> Mobile & Web, I have Sync set to "OFF". I probably would not even notice that Quicken was creating a Cloud account except when I go to attach a receipt to certain accounts, it saves it to the cloud.

I verified that Sync was still set to "OFF". I'm was confused as to why anything was trying to go to the cloud when I had SYNC set to "OFF". So I created a dummy quicken file that has SYNC set to ON. I went to the Dummy file and I'm able to see and delete the cloud file attached to the Quicken file that holds my actual data (Preferences -> Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts -> Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID). When I go back to my real Quicken file I am then able to create attachments and they don't go to the cloud. But as soon as I run an update - BAM! Quicken wants to load my attachments to the cloud again. I go back to my dummy account and sure enough - a new cloud account has been created for the file I have SYNC set to "OFF".

What is going on? What is even odder is that when I put an attachment in some accounts it doesn't go to the cloud and others it does. Before I turned SYNC OFF, I made sure none of my accounts were set to sync.

So how do I PERMANENTLY remove my cloud account and keep it from coming back? I'm also curious as to how to setup an account so that attachments don't go to the cloud even if Sync is ON. I thought all I had to do was make sure the account wasn't in the list of accounts that sync to the cloud. But as I've mentioned - none of my accounts are set to sync.

This is driving me nuts. I had no issues with attachments trying to go to the cloud before the cloud migration, but it has probably been several months since I attached a receipt.

Sidetrack: I think it is very wrong that you have to go to another Quicken file in order to delete a cloud file. I talked to support a few weeks ago when the horrible transition to the new cloud happened and screwed up all my data (although SYNC was turned ON at the time - I had always unchecked the box to sync to cloud when I ran an update - and it synced to cloud anyway after the transition). The person I chatted with said that turning Snyc to OFF deleted the cloud data (wrong!). Apparently it only hides it so you don't know it's there. If Sync is OFF - when you go to Preferences -> Quicken ID and Cloud accounts it doesn't show up - but if you go to another file that has SYNC ON, you can see all the cloud files that are associated with your ID (and can delete all of them except the one associated with the file you are currently in).

I think if you turn Sync OFF - you should still be able to see the cloud files - and you should be able to delete the one associated with the file you are in.


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    You can never get rid of the cloud account.  It is used for things other that "Mobile/Web syncs", which is what the "Sync" on or off is talking about.
    Note that there has been a "cloud account" sync the very first requirement for a Quicken Id in Quicken 2014.  What is stored in that account has changed over time (more service information) and varies depending on what services you use like the credit score, online bills, Quicken Bill Manager, X-Ray portfolio, ... and of course the transactions/attachments/budgets for Mobile and web.

    And about the "transition" what that is all about is Express Web Connect going to another "connect type".  As I described here:

    As for deleting the cloud account from the data file you are in.  It sort makes sense that you can't delete it from the data file that is directly connected to it.  What is "wrong" in my opinion is the fact that you have to turn on Mobile/Web Sync to see/delete these "data sets" from another data file.  In the past that wasn't true, you could always see the all the "data sets" no matter if Mobile/Web Sync was on or not.  You still couldn't delete the one that you currently in, but at least when creating a different data file to delete a problem data set you didn't have to turn on Mobile/Sync to do it.
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  • thecreator
    thecreator SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @dgerencs ,

    Open Quicken. Click on Edit then preferences.
    Click on Quicken ID and Mobile Accounts.
    Click Sign in as a different user.
    Type Yes to Confirm Sign Out.
    Use the same Quicken ID and password, to re-register Quicken Data File.
    Make sure to dot Don't use Mobile or Web.

    Note: Your Quicken Data File name, will always be on the Web, but will remain empty.
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    Note: Holding Down the Left Shift Key or Left Ctrl Key produces Window with Quicken 2019 in the Title Bar when click About Quicken,

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  • dgerencs
    dgerencs Member ✭✭
    I logged out - and then logged back in with my same ID. I never got the screen shown by thecreator. All I got was a splash screen telling me "Success!"

    FYI - when I first relogged in, when I go to add an attachment it is fine. But after running an update I'm back to the attachments wanting to go to the cloud. My preferences still show Quicken Mobile & Web Sync is OFF. If I go to the Mobile and Web tab the only thing not grayed out is a "Get Started" Button. I can see a grayed out window that has in the title bar "Accounts enabled on mobile and web (0)" and inside the window "227 eligible accounts can be synced"

    Why is Quicken putting my attachments (for some accounts) in the cloud?

    I should mention I'm Using Quicken Premier, subscription
    Year: 2020
    Version: R30.19
  • dgerencs
    dgerencs Member ✭✭
    I should also mention that I live in the Boonies and have slow internet (satellite) with data limits. When Quicken loads an attachment to the cloud it takes some time to do so. I probably wouldn't be so perturbed by this if I had real internet available to me. Although it is troublesome to think that Quicken can put things in the cloud that you may not want there.

    The only way I've found to get the attachments to not load to the cloud - is to delete my cloud file. But that only works until I run an update. It not an acceptable workaround to delete the cloud file after every time I run an update.

    I'm validating my Quicken file now - but I assume the problem I'm having is related to either an update from Quicken or has something to do with the cloud migration that happened for me a few weeks ago.
  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Your file might be in a corrupted cloud sync state.

    Verify that zero accounts are enabled in the Mobile tab; greyed out as you mentioned when Sync is Off.

    1. Then turn on Cloud Sync.
    2. Go back to Mobile tab. (If more than zero are enabled, deselect the enabled ones to get back to zero)
    3. Run Sync Now from Mobile tab.  Do not run OSU update. 
    4. Go back to Home tab and then back to Preferences to turn Sync off.
    5. Try OSU again.  You should not see Cloud Syncing under Online Services section (just quotes and investing.com) or any indication of cloud syncing.

    If that does not work, try again but do a Reset Cloud File before turning Sync back OFF in Step 4.  Doing a reset will cause a one-time cloud sync at your next OSU, but subsequent OSUs should not cause a cloud sync.

    The goal here is to get that Manual sync with no accounts enabled to run cleanly outside of the OSU process; OSU seems to have issues when the data file is in a corrupted cloud sync state.
  • dgerencs
    dgerencs Member ✭✭
    Still having issues, but I did figure one thing out. Some of my accounts were having the issue of transaction attachments trying to load to cloud - and others were not. My investment accounts all seemed fine but most of my Banking accounts were having issues. I noticed 3 of the banking accounts that were good were from the same bank. The other accounts that were good did not have online services enabled. Upon looking into what the differences were between my 3 good banking accounts with online services enabled and the others - it was the method of connection. My good accounts were set up as Direct Connect (as were all my investment accounts) and the ones having issues were set up as Express Web Connect.

    One of my credit cards that was set up as Express Web Connect said that a better connection method was available. Affter enabling it on my Bank's site, I was able to convert it to Direct Connect. Now this account is behaving too.

    Apparently direct connect is not available for my other accounts.

    To be clear - it appears that any Express Web Connect file does not care if it is enabled for mobile and web, it does not care if I have cloud SYNC set to OFF - it is still syncing to cloud. I can temporarily get them to behave with a cloud sign out/in - but they revert to cloud sync after a OSU or a mobile & web Sync.

    Based on suggestions from markus1957 and thecreator I've tried various things. Through a combination of resetting the cloud account and signing out and back into the cloud - I was able to get my accounts to behave until I ran either a OSU or a sync from Mobile & Web.

    I may have to try to contact support - still not sure if this is a problem with my data - or a problem with the software that not many people have the combination of using transaction attachments to Express Web Connect accounts AND do not want cloud access for the account (and actually notice or care if it goes there anyway). I myself wouldn't mind if I had high speed internet.

    Spent way to much time troubleshooting this. I guess in the state I have it in now - I'll just do a sign out/in to cloud before doing attachments to an Express Web Connect account.
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