How do you delete an online biller that want delete the standard way?

I have a billler, Brighthouse Networks, that says it has a Sign-In problem. When I click to fix it .. it spins and does nothing. When I go to manage online billers to fix it, or even delete it and start over I get the message that their is a pending payment. Their is no pending payment. I have waited and waited and still it keeps saying there are pending payments, and there are none.

I have figured out why the sign on issue is likely there. I figured out that now I must use Spectrum to access my account & use online bills. I have set the bill up through the Spectrum biller name. ( I know that it used to work thru the Brighthouse name because I have used it many times in the past with no problems) I think this is why it want let me delete Brighthouse is because this change was recently made. It seems Spectrum/Brighthouse cant decide what they want to be called. Anyway. Now I have this online biller that is useless and want let me delete it. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated!


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    Nevermind [Removed - Disruptive/Profanity] it just decided to go away after a "validate online billers" and also unlinked all my 40 bills. So I have spent 2 hours getting those all linked back up and fixed. [Removed - Rant]
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