Entries disappearing RIGHT AFTER I ADD THEM!!!! [edited]

I have many Bill and Income reminders. The ones that are split (primarily my rent and paychecks) disappear, replace other entries, cause other entries to duplicate... random crap. It has been going on for months! I can NEVER balance without entering everything... then having to go line by line by line by line by line by line by line to find what screwy thing Quicken has done to mess things up!!! I reconciled to my bank statement, closed the app. Come back a few days later and accept new transactions as cleared (not reconciled), and the reconciled balance has changed meaning I have to repeat old reconciliations as well. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO tired of this. If this is not resolved quickly, I am done with Quicken for good.


  • Hello @redteampython

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. Are the bill and income reminders the only transactions that are acting randomly? To start off here let's try copying and validating the file. I'll leave instructions down below. It'll be the fourth step. 


    Once you've done this let us know if you were able to find anything in the validate file that might help. Also if you've taken any other troubleshooting steps please let us know as well. 


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  • redteampython
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    I already did a validate. It made changes to many past transactions that involved accounts that I subsequently deleted. Nothing in the validation report appeared to be related to the current recurring transactions. I am so desperate I am tempted to archive this file and invest the many, many, many hours it will take to set up a new file and start with current balances ... I can't imagine how long it is going to take me to reestablish the 50-60 memorized transactions properly, establish all of my passwords for all of my accounts, set up all of my assets... etc., etc. If I do this and still experience this problem in the new file, that will be my last straw.

    I have tolerated many years of a Quicken that requires more technical knowledge than such a program should to work around the glitches. (For example, there is NO WAY my mom could use this program. There are way too many times one has to be very creative to work around the glitches.) I know it is a big and complicated program.... but so is every other commercial application on the market. Microsoft Office alone is infinitely more complex than a "simple" checkbook application, yet it is incredibly stable. I continue to question why a commercial application that releases patches so frequently is so incredibly fragile and unstable.

    I haven't started my rebuild yet, so I am open to other suggestions to fix the problem so I can maintain my historical data in a single file....

    Justin :s
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