Sell Bond - Retirement Account

Year: 2020
Version: R28.15
Edition: Canada

When using the BONDS SOLD function in a retirement account the commission gets added to the Total Sale rather than subtracting.  The resultant account deposit ends up being wrong eg. Number of Bonds X Price + Commission resulting in the wrong amount being deposited to the account.

If I sell the same bond using the SHARES SOLD option, the commission gets subtracted from the Total Sale calculation eg. Number of Bonds X Price - Commission resulting in the correct amount being deposited to the account. 

Attached is a table with actual calculations done in Quicken

Anyone see this before?


  • NotACPA
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    Can you please show us a picture of the actual transaction in Q?
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  • rickpwilson
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    Here is an image of the transaction
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    edited January 2021
    I can reproduce this in the US subscription version. And it's a weird bug. "Inv Amt" gets it right, but "Cash Amt" is wrong. Negating the commission gets "Cash Amt" right and "Inv Amt" wrong.

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