Mobile and Web Access

It has been a long time since syncing my desktop file so that I can view it on my phone or in a web browser has actually worked the way I'm sure it was intended to work. The accounts never seem to be completely up to date, some accounts always have an error message about not being able to connect or something, and I frequently get some strange error message from the desktop app when trying to sync (the reference resource (blah blah blah) has been deleted). Not sure what has changed but it seems that Quicken used to sync automatically every time I closed the desktop file, and from what I could tell back then the phone and web used to be up to date based on that last shut down. I have tried the reset option at least twice and that didn't help. I also tried to create a new file and see if that helped, but a new file name doesn't seem to change anything.


  • Valderi
    Valderi Member ✭✭✭✭
    It happens with my account also. The simplest way to solve this problem: On your phone, you click on one of your accounts showing the error message. Then, you scroll down to refresh your data and the error messages should vanish.