Install and activate Quicken 2015 on Windows 10--SOLVED

I have had Quicken2015 on my Win 7 machine for years.
I installed this on Windows 10 and it asked for my Quicken ID.
Of course since is gone, it gives a login error. The site is gone.
You cannot go forward and open your old Qdata file.

Many have tried to solve this without much success. HOW to get past the login page?
I did two things:
1) applied the Mondo patch at
2) this changed the appearance of login page for me
But still asked for my old Quicken ID and pw
Instead of trying that yet once again, I saw at bottom of page a link for "have trouble signing in?" and tried that.
On the next page I entered the old ID and pw, and where it asked where did I buy I said Other, in case some receipt were needed.
this worked. I guess the new owner has kept old ID and pws.
Next I created a New file, and then imported my Qdata from the older computer.
This worked!
I had never tried the trouble signing in before. MAYBE it would have worked without the Mondo patch, but that DID alter the login page. Try it both ways.
I post this here hoping Search engines will pick it up for other users, since the previous discussions on this board are now closed.


  • LZech
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    Same Issue without the same result. I have been running successfully Quicken2015 Ver R17.4 on my Windows 7 machine and still do, and may have to continue to do so.

    I recently used my original Q2015 installation disc to place the software on my Windows 10 laptop (upon checking after install, it is Q2015 Home & Business Release R 1( Opening the software, having imported my database and the password resulted in the stop at the request for the Intuit password. [I have as well deleted the software, the data files, the backfiles, rebooted and uploaded the software again without a database.] With both the Quicken Software at this point, opened and completely closed. I tried to apply the WQ2015R17.4M Patch as well as 17.2 and earlier versions from the above website and consistently get the same error message "Error: Unable to Check for Updates, the server file failed to load" Details: index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length (As of 01-23-21)

    Can anyone Assist? - Thank you in advance for your help!
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