Wrong Address for Quicken in Security Detail View

Running Quicken 2020 Subscription, version 29.9, on Win10 64bit desktop.
When I open the Security Detail View, right click in the Chart area and select "Quicken.com-Quote", I get a page with the specific security information. If I click on "Quicken.com - Chart" I get what I think is the built-in Quicken browser, but the screen is blank. A "Quicken.com" button in a top menu produces "Can't reach this page. Make sure web address 'http://quicken.intuit.com' is correct". Clicking "Full browser" produces "This site can't be reached". Searching revealed numerous problems with the Security Detail View, especially after update 28.10, but nothing about these problems reaching Quicken.com Investing web site. Is there anything I am missing about this observation? Any workarounds? Several messages suggested downsizing back to version 27.42 which was right before problems appeared in the Security Detail View display, but did not suggest the address of the Investing site was OK. Comments or suggestions are welcome.


  • Chris_QPW
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    When I tried this it works for me.  I'm on R30.19.  You are on a quite old patch version, you should really allow Quicken to update that is the only way you are going to get any fixes.

    The first time I tried, it took a bit of time for it to prompt me to log in, but it did come up and show my the quote.  The next time I tried it came right up.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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  • Ken45140
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    To Chris_QPW: Thanks for the reply. Did you click on one of the links other than the "Quote". Like "Quicken.com - Chart". It turns out, on more detailed experiment, that the right-click menu of "Portfolio, Quicken.com - Quote, Quicken.com - Chart, Multiple Security Charting, One-Click Scorecard, and others" -- the "Quicken.com - Chart" does not work. "Multiple Security Charting" goes to finance.yahoo.com, "One-Click Scorecard" does work. I cannot get the Full Built-in browser to work either. I usually do not update to the latest version as experience shows that new versions, just after release, have a bigger share of problems. I need and prefer to wait awhile until the latest bugs get worked out.
  • Ken45140
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    To Complete This Topic: after talking with Quicken support, I became convinced to upgrade to the latest version. This is what I found on this subject of not getting to "Quicken.com" from the drop down menu in Security Detail View. The drop down list has the same problems I experienced in version 29.9; nothing has changed. "Quicken.com - Chart" seems to load the internal browser but the screen is blank. Clicking Refresh gives a brief look at an address, which then disappears. I was able to screen capture the address (https://saml.quicken.com/?relay-state<bunch of characters>). I suspect the programmer was testing, left in his special folder address, didn't remove it, and then it was included with the published full update code. Not a big deal for them, no priority, etc. I can get what I want other ways but too bad something simple like this can not be specified by the user.