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Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

I am a new BHBT customer. I have noticed this bank puts a "Pending" status on a lot of online transactions. As a result, these "Pending" transactions will not download via OSU. Even after the "Pending" status has lifted, and the transaction posts the following day, the transaction still will not download via OSU for a day or two later, which is quite frustrating. I have further noticed that on the day the transaction does post, and OSU will not update, you can manually download the transactions and you are then able to import them. Is this problem unique to this bank?


  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    "Pending" transactions should NEVER download. They aren't confirmed and, in the case of credit card validation transactions, they may be removed when the actual transaction amount is known and recorded (e.g., car rental verification, restaurant bill plus tip, etc.)
    It's possible that the process of downloading transactions, first into the Quicken QCS download server, then into your Quicken data file with One Step Update, causes an extra day's delay if the bank hasn't made the latest transactions available for downloading when Quicken accesses the bank during the night.
    Are you relying to 100% on downloaded transactions to populate your transaction registers or are you using a mix of Scheduled Reminders and manually recorded transactions to stay on top of your money?
    I recommend using the latter method. You know what's supposed to happen in your accounts and you can now use OSU as a method to confirm your handiwork where a day's delay in downloaded transactions won't hurt. I use this method myself and haven't had any unpleasant surprises in many years.
  • jtcrawf55jtcrawf55 Member ✭✭
    I understand that pending transactions shouldn't download. When I said that I've noticed that this particular bank puts "pending" on it's transactions I implied that other banks don't seem to do that and that the transactions at other banks seem to be immediately available for downloading via OSU on the day they show up, not 1-3 days later. I was more concerned with consistency, and why this particular bank seems to have a consistent delay in transactions becoming available to Quicken. I've used Quicken since 1997 and do use reminders.
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