One Step Update Error

When I use the "one step update", I get a message that one of my banks did not complete because of unexpected information was received from the fin. institution. I immediately login to that bank from my computer and have no issues connecting whatsoever. I can close the summary dialog in Quicken. When I exit Quicken, I get a message that says my last online session was not complete. Would I like to try again.
If I click "yes". a dialog box pops up that says "One Step update settings" with choices to "manage passwords", "show passwords" and "fill passwords". Then near the bottom there is a cancel box and a "update" box. The update box is greyed out. Since I don't want to change any of my passwords, I click the close box or the cancel box. When I try to exit quicken, the dialog box that says "you last online session....) comes back up.
How do I remedy this situation.
I am using Quicken Premier, year 2020, ver R30.19, build on a desktop computer

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