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What is the best way to make rounding adjustments to share quantities without affecting adjusted cost basis? Every few months, there are ± .001 share quantity adjustments made in my brokerage account, I assume due to the fact that my investment management firm only works to 3 decimal places. I can do an add share qty transactions and it works fine, but when I do a remove share qty transaction, it makes a small cost adjustment, which shouldn't happen in this case. I know it is only $0.01 - $0.02, but that is not the point...
Using Quicken subscription, though that shouldn't matter much...
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    Hi @Microfiche,

    Rather than using "add" or "remove" shares, have you tried using "Adjust Share Balance" type transaction?  


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  • Microfiche
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    I don't really want a placeholder transaction for each of these - which is what "adjust" does. It wants you to fill in the "missing" transaction later. I just want to change the share balance to adjust for rounding without changing the book cost.
    Using Quicken since sometime before the beta test of Quicken 6 for Windows in 1996... B)
  • E Hughes
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    I too wanted to remove shares to adjust the quantity without changing my cost basis (came here for advice and finding none) what I ended up doing was entering 3 transactions, a Buy, a Sell, and a Remove Shares. The Remove Shares transaction is the number of shares that needed to be removed. The Buy transaction was to increase the basis, the sell transaction was to decrease the basis minus what the remove shares decreased the cost basis (The Buy cost basis change equals the Sell + Remove Share basis changes). The Buy and Sell transactions were for the same number of shares and the same dollar amount but at different prices. I used the commission in the Buy transaction to lower the price per share to the same as my original purchase price.
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