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Greg Semple
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Yes I realize this is just a nit and I'm probably the only one that this is an issue but in the Bills & Income tab, there are Cards (Bills or Income, Stack View) under the heading Due Soon. The font color for that heading and even the cards themselves are an orange font color. That color against a grey background is hard to read, at least it is for me. Sure it looks good when it is magnified or up close but when you are using a 28" monitor at your desk, the color gets lost in the background. 

Can we just change the font color for this category of Bills? 
Thank you for listening. 

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  • There are many people who are color blind, especially to reds and greens. I am one of them.
  • I would like to see more color control of the letters, amts, etc other than grey. Black text on the ledger would be great.