Mobile Sync Issues [Edited]

Ever since I received a message on quicken that quicken has upgraded to a new cloud, I can no longer sync all the accounts I have selected to my iphone smart app, only a few accounts sync to the iphone app, and then, the accounts have only three months of transactions or none at all. I called quicken and the representative I spoke with, was very nonchalant, arrogant, not interested and seemed like he did not want to be bothered and also was very difficult to understand. He had me delete the cloud and re-install it, but that did not work.
Does anyone know why the cloud does not sync all selected account to the mobile app and only three months of data? Thxs


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    edited January 11
    I've reported the same or a similar problem previously as well as did another person who commented on my report. Since then there have been two updates with no resolution.
    Regretfully my solution was to delete my cloud and abandon Quicken Web and the mobile app, using the desktop exclusively as I have since 1996. So long as the desktop is functioning I am happy.
    The developers recent tendency to take processes that are working and transform them into processes that don't baffles me.
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    I was just told by the customer support rep that the iPhone Quicken app flat out doesn't sync with the desktop or the cloud. Checked the App Store and there is the opposite there. Which one is wrong? If its not the rep, shouldn't quicken make this known and take down the app?
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