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I have been using quicken bill manage for about 5 months. Everything was generally working. I went to enter a payment today. Checkpay and quickpay are no longer options. I want to set up online billpay again. Nothing is enabled. I tried to enable my preferred payment account info and it failed because routing number and account can't be changed due to payments pending. I have tried validate, supervalidate, validate payment account, validate payees, reset online data. Always with the same result. tech support told me to call back for a specialized support. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Hello @rkshack

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. That is odd that it keeps giving you a message saying you have pending payments. If you haven't already inside the register do you see any previous payments that may have not gone through that are still left in the register? Double check this might not be the case. 

    Another thing is we can double check to see if we're able to deactivate the accounts billing then try reactivating. To do this right click on the payment account under the account bar and select edit/delete account. Click online services. At the bottom you should see online bill payment. If it's still activated try deactivating it. Theoretically we shouldn't of been able to had it deactivated 

    If you have any other detailed information as well about what you tried with phone support could you let us know. We'll see if we're able to find anymore information so we don't repeat any steps. Once you get a chance let us know more?


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    There are payments in the register. They say scheduled but when I click on them I can not look at the payment process window. I can not cancel etc.

    I tried super validate, syncing payment account and payees, and resetting the cloud information.

    I did not try editing the account. I did not know it was relevant to quicken billpay manager. Should I try something with that?

    Also, I have a transaction that is scheduled that I need to cancel. Is there a way to do that?

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    I have experience the same issues and it took about 90 days before Bill Manager could be setup again.  Just finished doing this today when received my verification amounts.

    My work around was to setup a new file with only a payment account to make payments with Bill Manger.

    I have to use my Bill Pay with my Credit Union to make online payments that Bill Manager doesn't support.

    Quicken has major issues with this feature and needs some major resources to stabilize Bill Manager.

    Doing a backup and then restore did damage to my payment accounts and I would reframe from doing a Quicken restore.  Doing backups by a third party and restoring from the third party doesn't damage the Bill Manger.
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    Hello @rkshack

    Thank you for the response and the additional deatils, although I apologize that you did not receive a follow-up response.

    If you are still experiencing this trouble, I would recommend contacting support directly for assistance. Quicken Care has the tools to review your bill manager profile to be able to provide in-depth assistance.