I am cancelling Bill Manager.

Bill Manager has been problematic since it was launched. I have incurred late charges and interest costs because payments, even on-line payments, were not made and I was notified on the due date. The final straw this month was two check payments to two different vendors have never made it to the vendors. Support tells me on one call that they are tracing the payment and I should hear back in 2-3 days. On the second call that I made regarding these payments they tell me that they cannot trace payments and that I should cancel the checks (and incur the costs of that) and reissue the checks. More costs incurred. I spend a fair amount of time each month trying to track payments and ultimately end up going to the vendor website to make an auto pay. It is safer to set up auto payments on the vendor website. I am very disappointed in the role out of the service by Quicken and I am tired of the continuous follow up. Customer Support cannot make up for a poor system.


  • cvonohain
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    I have had the exact same experience as noted above. Even though I provide more than enough lead time that Quicken requires, my payments are still not being sent to merchants in the timeframe specified resulting in late fees charges from merchants. This has happened on numerous occasions. Quicken support is totally lacking in their response.
    Bottom line - Quicken Check Pay is unreliable as a vehicle for making payments. It's very sad because the old QBP worked so well, serving me for decades.
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    Would be nice if someone explained what the correct lead time for Check Pay is.  When I go to enter a Check Pay payment it have been following the lead time suggestion in the payment set up window.  Obviously not correct as payments went way past due and "eventually" showed up.  So I increased lead time to two weeks and that made no difference - payments still arriving late.  Can someone advise whether these problems with Check Pay are going to be rectified or not.

    [Removed - Rant]
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