Something bizarre with transaction downloads People's Bank Lubbock TX

I was able to download transactions up through Monday, I believe an update happened then as well. I changed my password on the website and went to my password vault and it said I no longer needed to update my password on the vault, that it would prompt me if needed.

I tried a sync, got an error. Never asked for password. I tried to 'reset' account and got error. So I turned off the connection and reset it. It would sync, but not download transactions. Weird. But maybe nothing new to download. So I wait.

This morning 2 new transactions were no longer showing 'pending' but as posted on my account. I run the 'update' and nothing downloaded. I try the 'reset' and it said it downloaded transactions; but nothing.

So once again I disabled the connection and set it up again. Upon restoring the connection, my two transactions show as cleared but it never notified me that they had downloaded.

Has anyone seen this before? I will try again in a day or two when my other pending items are officially posted.

It seems the bank may have switched their Quicken plan? Because my credit cards still show last download date and also they allow me to change my password in the vault, but my bank doesn't show that or allow me to change password.


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    Hi @jasonpbyu

    It is possible that the connection method being used for your Quicken file has changed recently - which could be the reason that you received the message you mention in your first paragraph.  See the information located in this thread LINK.  Also the change affects "Express Web Connect" accounts but not "Direct Connect" accounts, which may be the reason your credit cards act differently (i,e, they may be connecting via Direct Connect. 

    The behavior you describe - transactions being accepted in your account automatically, could be caused by the account settings for those accounts.  Go to "Edit" > "Preferences > "Downloaded Transactions" - then look at the settings in the "After downloading transactions" box.  If one or both are checked, you won't get the opportunity to review and accept downloaded transactions.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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