Add ability to add custom alerts

I would like to see the ability to add your own custom alerts. I have several very important dates related to my rental property that I would like to have alerts for.
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  • YingDave
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    edited January 2021
    I thought you could already do this by adding a Bill alert manually if it's $ related, or you can add a calendar Note if it's not $ related ? Then you can add alerts widget to your home screen so it will show you a list font & centre when you open Quicken?
  • jnprop
    jnprop Member ✭✭✭
    @YingDave Sorry that I missed your response. I am just seeing it now. I was speaking of adding alerts (non money related) in the Alerts Center. And I know you can not make your own there. There are only preset that you can opt in and out of.

    I did go and play around with the "Note" in the Calendar. But I don't see how a note populates into the Alerts Center..... Maybe I am not following????? ( I made a note on a date and then went to the Alerts Center to see if it populated..... nothing. I also didn't see a way to get a "Note" to populate by a setting or such ) I would appreciate any further feedback...

  • YingDave
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    edited February 2021
    If you add a calendar note it appears on the Alerts Centre on the day that it is due. So if you edit your Home screen by Customise, then add the 'Alerts' window, everything due on the day incl. bills and notes you made to your self appear on the first screen. Clicking 'Show all alerts' shows it has the type of 'reminder'. I am using Canadian version but as far as I know this aspect is the same in both versions.

    So in Calendar Ctrl+K, hit Add Note button, or right click to add a note like this one or more likely on a future date.

    On you Home screen customise and Add Alerts and you note is visible on that day. Then set your preferences to open on Home page (the last one displayed if you have multiple)
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @jnprop,

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  • jnprop
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    @QuickenAnja thank you!!!!

     @YingDave WOW!!! thank you for your help! I followed your steps exactly and still no luck. I even double checked settings to make sure that was not stopping something from going over. Transactions, other reminders populate to the Alert Center, but not the calendar note as it does with yours. WOW. And this would have totally solved my issue Until a manual alert feature might be added in the future.  BTW, I an using Quicken for Windows, the latest version. Maybe that is it?  Again, thanks for your input with this! I really appreciate your effort & time!

    After working with the calendar and notes, for now, I can put the calendar on my home page and put notes on it and at least can see the note image on the respective date.