Deposits before Withdrawals

It would be nice to have deposits come before withdrawals on the transaction register, I looked if this was suggested before but nothing came up, thanks.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Oh, I think this has come up many times in here though I'm not sure if it's a formal "idea."
    The dead-simple way to make this work is to enter your deposits and payments manually when you make them, setting your sorting to by "Date/Order Entered" and then making sure that deposits are entered first.  (This really is "best practices" in my opinion, with subsequent downloads from the bank confirming your manual entries.)
    If your desire is to have Quicken basically do your accounting for you via downloads from the bank, then that would require some massaging of that information by Quicken as I'd guess the information coming from different banks could be in any order at all.  That could be an idea to post in
    or vote on if it's already there.
  • michael 40
    michael 40 Member ✭✭
    The deposits are fixed and in my reoccurring transactions, its not a big deal, but when you have multiple transactions for day that a reoccurring deposit goes in I just have to look at the previous and next day balances to ensure I am ok. If I had enough excess money this would not be an issue. I guess thats why people with money hardly every check their accounts.
  • theeaglesnestco
    theeaglesnestco Member ✭✭
    +1 for this "feature" which honestly should just be the way Quicken works.

    In my experience, every bank I've used has always processed deposits before debits. It is specifically so you get your cash first, then spend your cash second, preventing overdrafts/negative balances. This is a very common and expected behavior in all bank websites I've interacted with. This also seems like a very, very easy fix with just a slight amount of code adjustment to prioritize deposits above debits in the register display if they land on the same date.
  • Lineman
    Lineman Member
    I have used Quicken since the 2000's and in previous versions, you used to be able to click and drag transactions to different positions as long as it was within the same date. I know this because I did it with Quicken. After a certain update, you could no longer do this, so they can reinstall that option and fix this.