Quicken keeps asking for sign in Quicken ID

:/ Start up quicken and the main display flashes on and is then overlaid by a WELCOME TO QUICKEN login screen. When I do, it keeps wanting to download Quicken. Finally after a number of restarts I let it download and reinstall Quicken. Start it up and it is right back to the WELCOME TO QUICKEN login screen. I've been using Quicken for 15 years and never had this much trouble.


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    Check if Windows Defender feature Ransomware protection is enabled.
    If so, configure it to add Quicken as an "allowed app" without turning off Ransomware protection. Perform the last step in:

    Have you recently enabled a VPN? If so, this might be the problem. Try turning the VPN off and see if that helps.
    Is there a corporate or otherwise external firewall getting in the way? Contact the IT people maintaining the firewall and ask for permission. Quicken needs to be able to establish outbound internet connections for the program to work.

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    I use McAfee Total Protection for all of my security. As a test, I shut off all firewall security temporarily and it had no effect. Their security log shows no blocks of outgoing or incoming traffic when I try to start up Quicken. Note that after I sign in to Quicken, it comes back stating I have a current subscription, but wants to download and install Quicken. I already tried that once to no avail.
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    FYI Windows Defender is shut off by McAfee ...
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    Uninstalled Quicken, did a QCleanUI and deleted every folder related to Quicken, ran a registry cleaner to remove Quicken's footprint, retrieved a data file from my backup program and reinstalled Quicken. It came up, got my file location and brought it up. It then had the pop-up window requesting the Quicken ID email and password and I entered it. Note I can see my current data in the background. Then it came right back with this full screen overlay again asking for my Quicken ID and password and wants to install Quicken again. I know the ID and password are correct, they work with the app to bring up the cloud data set. So now I am waiting for Quicken to respond to my REPORT A PROBLEM report.
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    Don't hold your breath waiting for Quicken to respond. You're better off contacting Quicken Customer Care. http://www.quicken.com/contact-support
    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
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    goquy114 said:
    So now I am waiting for Quicken to respond to my REPORT A PROBLEM report.
    You will never get a response from: Help -> Report a problem.
    It is used for sending your problem to the developer for researching problems, but not as a "support communication path".

    To get in touch with Quicken support use this link:
    Contact Quicken Support
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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    Had a 1-hour chat with Quicken support with NO resolution. They basically threw up their arms and said they couldn't help me. Luckily, I'm a computer geek and have automatic system backups daily for the C: drive and weekly backups for the entire PC. I went back to when I knew it was working and restored the C: drive and now I'm back in business. So I guess the QCleanUI doesn't get everything. All my Windows and anti-virus updates are in and it is still working. Let this be a lesson to any who read this - back up AT LEAST your Windows drive. There are free backup programs and it well worth the cost of an additional drive to do this!
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