Download Issues [Edited]

Vjgillette Unconfirmed, Member
I have not been happy with Quicken since 2014, I put off buying until they force me or I can't see my register...I am looking into a new product . Every time I down load it messes my checkbooks up. I have to go back months and even years to find issues of double downloads. I use Quicken as a register and that is all now. I do not trust them to download my bank info any longer...
Has anyone else had this issue?


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    Hello @Vjgillette

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issues you're having. What exactly has been happening in your file? It looks like you've had download issues. What FI's have you had trouble with? Do transactions not show up or do they duplicate? How long has this been happening as well? With some more information we can see about what we can find that may be able to help get you back in a state you're happy with. Once you get a chance please let us know some more details.


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