How to print one check for one vendor with multiple invoices entered?

Multiple invoices entered for same vendor. Want to print one check with sum total amount for all invoices.


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    This answer requires the use of Quicken Home, Business & Rental.
    If you are using the Vendor Invoices account to record incoming individual vendor invoices and to make payment, you can easily select several vendor invoices and have the amount added together in one check.
    Use the New Payment to Vendor transaction, e.g.,
    However,  to indicate on the check that this payment applies to the vendor's invoices X, Y, and Z, you need to manually type the vendor's invoice numbers into the (limited size!) Memo field or mail the vendor's invoice stubs together with your check.
    If you are printing Voucher checks, there's no way at this time to generate a stub with all the payment details.

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  • Thank you. Quicken staff said there was no way. Isn't this a fairly routine feature to save paper and processing of multiple checks? You suggestion of how to indicate which invoices are being paid will work but a work around nevertheless. Hey Quicken are you listening? Lets get this fixed.
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