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Quicken should allow for much more report customization. The report layout is so difficult to navigate and it feels like looking through fog. I was using 2007 for years because I didn't want to give up my red numbers. But technology pushed me forward. As others have said - RED numbers should be an option for negatives so positives can be easiliy found, and I think optional line or dash separators between both categories and sub categories would be helpful The summary of the category amounts should be optional at top or bottom of category (or both). Color options and parsing options are sorely missing, and such an easy fix.
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    Hello @timothygood,

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    I really would like to see display options on reports for 1) columns for debits and credits in lieu of or in addition to the Amount column, and 2) display of negative values in red font with parentheses. Visually these are much more pleasing and less stress on the eyes. Is this on Quicken's radar screen?
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    @Paul Galley To answer your question first: we never know what is on Quicken's development roadmap. There are literally hundreds of user requests for feature enhancements, and which ones rise to the top is known only to the developers.

    In my observations over the past 6+ years since the modern Quicken Mac was released, the developers mostly  focus on substantive things which can't be done with the program over aesthetic improvements like these. So if I were to guess, changes like these would be low on their priority list. Unless… (1) a lot of users were clamoring for the change or (b) it turns out to be an easy change to make while they're working in the same section of the program's code on other things.

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