Are there any issues with huge data files?

I have been using Quicken for almost 25 years now. My data file is now over 30MB in size and my primary account has 11,188 entries dating back to 1997. I am using Quicken for Windows 2017 Premier - Version R20.5 - Build Just over night a new issue seems to have arisen. I routinely switch between a full-screen view and half-screen view of Quicken in order to view bank statements side-by-side with Quicken. It use to be that when I switched between the two modes, that column widths in Quicken would auto-adjust to the new screen size. Starting this morning, this does not happen on my huge primary account, but it still works on all of the other smaller accounts. Has my data file or this one account gotten to large? Do I need to archive my oldest entries? Everything else still works. It is just that this is a little annoying.


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    The file's size is not all that large, mine is 86MB (no attachments in the file).
    If you are worried about the size of a single account, you could start a new account starting 1/1/2021.  That way you still l have all of your history in a single file still, but your working primary account would be much smaller.
    The reconciles would be a little awkward until all of the transactions in the original file are reconciled, but it is doable.
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