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My investment account with Schwab gives me a message dialogue box informing that the share balances in my Schwab account and Quicken Premier do not match. It's usually a Schwab error (double buy or sell transaction) that I can quickly find and correct. However, I recently got the error but the dialogue box was blank - no stock listed. I discovered the two stocks involved were previously in my portfolio but completely sold so I marked them as hidden in the Securities list. I bought them again more recently (within the past 6 months) but they did not appear in the Securities list because they were marked as hidden,. The transactions appear in the investment register. When I unchecked the hidden box in the Securities list, they appeared in the error dialogue box and I was able to fix them.

Recommend that the Securities Reconcile Shares function be revised to display any stock, even if marked hidden or, alternatively, include a check box option to display hidden securities.
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