register entries originating from reminders are getting corrupted (duplicated, vanishing)

As of last night, my checking account was perfectly reconciled up through 12/31/2020. This morning I spent some time making changes to a separate account -- updating some older entries -- and when I looked again at my checking account, the balance had changed dramatically.

Somehow the register had gotten corrupted -- some entries were duplicated, or entries vanished. What I've found so far is that they all seem related to automated "reminder" entries -- either bills I pay regularly, or paychecks that get entered via a reminder.

- one entry "moved" when the entry date no longer matched the posting date. I reset the date to match the posting date, and that fixed things. (see screenshot 1). Here you can see two entries in October, and none in December.

- one paycheck simply vanished -- it didn't move to a different date, it's just gone. I know it was in there before because everything reconciled correctly. See screenshot #2 -- the 12/15/19 paycheck entry is missing. I had to manually reenter it.

- two other paychecks "jumped" to different dates. In screenshot #3, look how end-of-May and mid-June paychecks are both missing, but 6/30 and 9/30 are duplicated.

something very strange and frustrating is going on here!

These sort of bugs really destroy my confidence in quicken -- if these transaction got corrupted somehow, what else might be corrupted? I like to believe that once something is reconciled it's "locked" and really won't ever change, yet all these changes are really troubling.

I ran the "File Operations->Validate and Repair" function, but it didn't find any errors.

Any ideas what might have happened?

I'm running version R30.21.


  • gwertzman
    gwertzman Member
    I have one clue --- apparently you can't copy & paste transactions including paychecks. in my case, to try and fix one of the issues listed above, I copied & pasted an older paycheck (5/15) into a new transaction -- then changed the date of the transaction (6/15). Look what happened though --- the original entry that I had copied (5/15) now shows up as 6/15 too. This is really screwy and not at all what i would expect to happen.
  • Quicken Francisco
    Quicken Francisco Alumni ✭✭✭✭

    Hello @gwertzman

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having.  That is a bit odd but I wonder if the scheduled reminders may need to be remade. Do you know if this happened after an update or was it at random? I'm not sure if you tried but did you load a backup to see if a similar thing was happening? It may be too late to load an older one now since the files seen use since then.  I would attempt to try seeing if you could remake one of them and see if you're experiencing the same thing. This will give us more information on whether the program is giving us issues or the reminders.

    Once you get a chance to try this let us know how it goes! We'll see what we can do next if remaking them doesn't work.


    Quicken Francisco