Details of split deposit are lost when doing an update with bank

When I enter a "split" deposit that should be credited to different accounts, the details are lost when I do an "update" with the bank.  The memo line is changed to "DEPOSIT" and all funds are credited to the first line in the split.  


  • splasher
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    Do you possibly have a Memorized Payee without the split that could be causing Quicken to change the manual transaction when the download is matched to it?
    I'm not suggesting that this is supposed to happen, just looking for a possible reason causing the mix up.
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  • No payees.  This is a deposit that is split among several subaccounts.  It has been working fine for the past two years.  The problem started a few weeks ago and was confirmed through careful observation today.
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    There's no such thing, in Q, as a subaccount,  Are you actually using Quickbooks, which permits such?
    Please explain further.
    Also, please do HELP, About Quicken and tell us the product and BUILD that you're running.
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  • NO. I am using Quicken. Perhaps subaccount was an inappropriate word. Details (split) get lost. Everything gets lumped into the first entry in the split screen.
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    What are the splits for?  To different accounts or categories?  Or is there more than 1 check in the deposit?

    You might need to use an intermediate holding account. Set up an account and call it something like Checks Received or Undeposited Payments. Then enter the payments into it. Then when you make the deposit to your bank account you transfer the total deposit amount to the new account. That way when you download your bank transactions the deposit will match. Or you should use the holding account if you receive payments in one year (like in Dec) but don't make the deposit until the next year (like Jan.).

  • Problem continues. Quicken Premium. Version 31.8.
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    Hello @treasurer.lbccma

    Thank you for the response, although I apologize that this trouble continues to persist. I have a few more questions to help me further isolate the cause of this issue.

    First, there has been a handful of ongoing issues regarding the sync process. The recommendation after installing a recent update is to restore a backup. Have you completed this process after installing the update?

     Next, is this a scheduled transaction or a memorized payee? Are the categories of this split transfers to different accounts? Meaning the category field contains [Account Name] with brackets?

    Last, if you navigate to edit > preferences > mobile & web. Is the sync option enabled or disabled?

    Please let us know what you find!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • I have not restored a backup after an update? I perhaps over trusted the software.

    Yes, some of the entries are to [...] categories. What is the difference between a scheduled transaction and a memorized transaction.

    After edit > preferences > mobile & web, sync is enabled.