How can I keep Account Name & Description from changing to N/A?

I opened my quicken file today to on find N/A in my account and description columns.
1. Build
2. saved bad file to a different name.
3. ran validate/repair on bad file, with no results - N/A remained.
4. took screen captures
5. noticed banking value very large negative
6. only way I could find large negative was to unhide accounts for list until found bad account. However, opening bad account did not show anything wrong. Forced to delete year 1998 hidden account. This fixed very negative number but N/A still there.
7. ran report for last two days so I can reenter in yesterday's restored backup. I will have to guess at account name.

****** this makes me nervous, should I really don't want to try another financial software. I like to keep all my financial history *****